.NET Security

.NET Security


.NET Security is designed to be a reference for any developer who wants to understand the security aspects of the .NET Framework. There are many new concepts that the Framework brings to light, such as managed code, permissions, and evidence. The authors demonstrate to the reader how to write .NET code so that the developer can create secure systems with the .NET Framework. They also discuss ways in which someone may try to break the security model in .NET, and how .NET prevents such intrusions.


EggHeadCafe.com "I have to say this is a remarkably concise book and presents a lot of valuable material."

VB RAD "...the book is quite excellent. I quickly learned various concepts that have previously escaped me (or stuff I haven't yet had to deal with yet, like public/private keys). In addition to covering the appropriate .NET classes that implement the functionality, the authors also discuss the mathematical underpinnings of assorted algorithms. So you come away with practical knowledge of how, for instance, cryptology works in principle, not just how to use the .NET wrappers. Or you can skip through the explanations and just learn the .NET code."

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