No Edit And Continue in ASP.NET 2.0? Who Cares!

Jonathan reports that ASP.NET 2.0 won't have edit-and-continue. Honestly, I could care less. I don't even care that it's being added in the next version of VS .NET. In fact, I'm glad that I haven't been using it for a while, because I realized that I really didn't need the feature anymore, and you're talking to someone who used to edit code in the VB debugger like it was going out of style. Having unit tests greatly reduce the need to use a debugger in the first place, and when I do use the debugger, I wouldn't want to correct the problems there anyway. The primary reason is that, even if I did fix the bug in the debugger, I'd still have to re-run the code to ensure that my changes didn't screw something else up. My view is that edit-and-continue is a tool that should generally be avoided if possible as it leads to poor programming practices, and I intend to avoid it in VS .NET 2005.

* Posted at 04.10.2004 07:59:43 PM CST | Link *

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