Myers Does It Again

I call this post a great example of "intelligent rage" :) Check out this snippet from the post:

...there is all this beautiful work, this genuinely elegant, gorgeous research going on, with evolution as a guiding principle, taking advantage of the powerful convergence of modern molecular biology and genetics and development and paleontology and behavior and so much more, and then there are these damn ignorant fundagelical bigots who not only are dimly unaware of it, but want to prevent our kids from learning about it, and want to obliterate our knowledge of all that beauty. It's easy to get so caught up in the visceral gratification of creationist bashing that I lose sight of what we're all really fighting for: the deep insights we get from surveying the natural world with the tools of science.


* Posted at 08.25.2005 04:28:15 PM CST | Link *

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