My Dad passed away this past Thanksgiving. There's a lot I could say about him, but right now I'm just trying to heal from this extremely sad event in my life. He touched so many people, especially those that worked with him. Although my Dad retired two years ago from Thomas Industries after working there for 41 years, a lot of people came to the visitation to express their condolences. All of them spoke about his sense of humor and how they truly enjoyed working with him. Someday I might spend some time writing about him and what he meant to me, but not now.

I will share one story. After the memorial service was done and I was driving back to my parent's house with Mom and Liz, we drove past Thomas's building. It wasn't intentional - it was just the easiest way to get home. As we got closer to the plant, I noticed that the flags were at half mast. It took me a while before I figured out that they had done that in memory of my Dad. That is an image I hope I never forget.

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