Why Are People Stupid?

This morning I got an e-mail from someone who said he's selling his XBox 360. I told him he was interested, but he was looking for eBay-like offers, like hundreds and hundreds of dollars over retail price. I told him I don't blame him for being opportunistic, but there's no way I'm paying for an XBox 360 over retail price.

Frankly, I'm stunned that people are buying a 360 for well over $1,000 on eBay. Why in the world would anyone pay that much for a game console when there will be enough units to go around in 1-3 months? If someone wanted it on the day of launch, fine - I'm not arguing with wanting something the day it releases (although there's no way I'd sit in lines for days either for it). But if you can't have it now, why spend literally thousands of dollars on it?

I should've tried to get one the launch day so I could sell it to some asshat. "A fool and his money are soon parted" - very true!

And then of course, there are stories of thugs who decided to just take it from customers - read Pete's account of stupidity run rampant. Unbelievable. People, it's a game console. We're not talking food in a disaster area - you'll live if you don't get it that night.

* Posted at 11.24.2005 11:57:16 AM CST | Link *

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