What I Did This Memorial Day Weekend

Liz and I started it off by watching the movie, "The Mist". Overall, I liked it. I found the religious nut character comic relief, but I couldn't buy how fast she was able to "convert" people in the store. Also, it's a horror movie and that means people act stupid. I did like the ending, though, because it's not pretty. I like it when some movies don't always end on a happy note, especially horror movies.

Saturday was spent buying lamps and doing yard work. Here's a picture of the one of the new lamps (next to my side of the bed):

Here's a crappy artsy-fartsy version of said lamp:

Notice how good of a husband I am. The lampshades were ones we had and they have all these dangly shiny thingees on them. Well, I looked and looked and looked, and I found some lamps that have the dangly shiny thingees as well.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday morning was dedicated to tearing up plants and weeds alongside the house, relaying felt, and throwing rocks on said felt:

There's more of that kind of work to be done along the house, but that can wait a week or so.

Sunday afternoon was dedicated to assembling the grill I won this winter:

I don't have the gas tank yet, but at least the grill itself is done.

While I was doing that, Liz had the boys entertained with a froggy sprinkler:

We didn't have any rain that day, although friends of ours (who live on the northeast side of town) sustained significant damage to their roof and siding. There was lots of bad weather around the TC - I could see the towering clouds in the distance - but it never hit us.

Monday was all about being lazy.

So some items on the Summer of 2008 list got moved to DONE status, and I was lazy. Hope you had a good 3-day weekend!

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