"Sound of the Beast", by Ian Christe

I finished this book when I was on vacation last week. It was mindless, fun entertainment. I saw the book a while ago and since I was a metal-head back in the days I thought it would be an interesting book to read someday. My impressions is that the writing is not the best in the world. Sometimes Ian does a decent job explaining the history behind metal; other times his writing is labored and childish. The overt worship of Metallica in the book leaves something to be desired as well. But if you're one that lives in the 80s and early 90s listening to heavy metal this book is a fun diversion into its history. I also loved the names that some of the "satanic" metal bands came up with, like "Abbath" and "Demonaz" from a band called Immortal. I was laughing my ass off at the stupidity of those names. Plus, their makeup was ridiculous. It was supposed to be scary; it looked like a clown was drunk and only had black and while makeup to use.

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