Back From The Dead...Sort Of...

Last Friday I was the last member of our family to get the flu that's been going around. I don't think I've ever been bowled over by a flu bug as bad as this one did. It hit hard - really hard. I started getting sick around 1:00 PM - by 4:00 PM I could barely crawl to the bathroom. I was that weak. I has severe chills and I got dehydrated very fast. Fortunately, Liz's parents had decided to come up earlier, and their timing was very good - they got here just in time so they could watch Hayden (Liz was still recovering - in fact she was in the hospital overnight on Thursday night to get fluids). Liz and I are just hoping her parents don't get what Hayden, Liz and I have struggled through for the past week.

I feel better now, although I'm still pretty weak and I get tired just by walking up the stairs. I also don't have much of an appetite (although I had a big craving for greasy potato chips tonight - go figure). I'm just glad this hit this past Friday and not this Friday when the c-section is scheduled.

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