I've added some new reviews, and I've taken down my ThreadLauncher component. It was, quite frankly, a really bad idea in retrospect, and I got enough e-mails wondering why it didn't work all the time. Rather than steer people down the wrong path, I've simply taken it down. Basically, there are three ways to find out how to get threading to work in VB6:Read Matt Curland's threading articles in the June 1999 issue of VBPJ.Get Matt's forthcoming book called, "Advanced Visual Basic," which (I believe) talks about threading in VB.Visit Desaware's web site - they now have a component that allows you to do threading in VB6 (I don't know which product it is in, but I know they have one now).

* Posted at 06.14.2000 12:00:00 AM CST | Link *

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