12.17.2002 10:00 PM

The new Terminator 3 trailers are up - go here to get them. Unfortunately, I have to shamefully admit that it's going to take way too much time for me to get them at home. Yes, I still have a dial-up at home (shame! shame!), but I'm finally going to get a faster connection after the holidays. People at work can't believe it, but I've never really had the need to have the fast connection. However, I think it's time to make the investment. And once I have it at home, I know I'll never go back.

My mom is going to have a masectomy on Dec. 30th (it's breast cancer, not thyroid as I first thought). It's unknown if she'll need chemo yet - I hope not but I'm trying to prepare for the worst. Send good mojo her way that day. Suprisingly, she's not staying over that night after the surgery - she's going home after it's done.

I don't get Simon. I come home tonight, and I don't give him a ton of love and affection because I need to use the bathroom. As I'm sitting in there with the other cat Tut, I'm thinking, "you know, he's probably jealous right now and is peeing on our bed" (he's done this before). Sure enough, when I walk out, he's doing it! I throw him off the bed, grab the bedding, and start washing it out. Just what the hell is his problem? I feel like he's a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum if he doesn't get his way.

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