My Scar Story

Usually I don't participate in stuff like this, but I have a funny story (at least I think it's funny).

When I was in college, I played racquetball for a couple of years. At first, I didn't play with protective glasses (which in retrospect was really stupid for many reasons), but after this incident I did. I was new to the game and I was still getting used to playing the ball off the wall and anticipating distances and whatnot. One day, my friend hit the ball and it went to the back wall. My intent was to run to the back wall and hit the ball after it bounced off the wall.

My timing was way off.

What happened was this: I swung so hard and I was so off-balance that I hit myself in the head with the raquet.

That wasn't so bad, but I hit myself with the edge of the raquet, directly in the center of my left eyebrow.

A visit to the urgent care center and 7 stiches later, I was OK. Of course, my friend was laughing the whole time we were waiting for me to get stiched up. I was pissed - I had never broken a bone or had stiches and now my "streak" was broken.

And yes, I always wore glasses on the court after that.

So the next time you see me, look carefully at my left eyebrow. You can still see the scar.

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