Uh, Oh...A New Hobby?

Before I say anything else, I have to state up front that it's Mike's fault.

You see, at last night's practice, Mike introduced me to the wonderful world of the digital studio. I've seen them before but I really haven't sat down with something like Cakewalk's Sonar. What I saw...um, I was floored. Completely and utterly floored. It's absolutely amazing what one can do at home - it's so easy to create a professional-sounding recording.

I think I may have found a new hobby.

The problem is I would need to buy a new computer and the studio software, and that, of course, is money (and that's why I'm blaming Mike). The computer part...I've received suggestions from some friends to use a company in Minneapolis that helps you build your own computer by making sure the parts they get will be compatiable. I've always wanted to build my own computer so I may investigate this route. Plus I want a good sound card for the recording aspect. But the bigger issue is the recording software. Mike uses Sonar and the version I linked to before seems like what I'd want, but I'm open to any suggestions that others have. Feel free to leave comments on other studio recording software products.

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