Tape #1 of The BackBlog Project Is Done

I finished transcribing the first tape for the BackBlog Project last night. It's 22 pages of random brain dumps. After finishing the first tape, I've decided for now to not publish them on my web site for a couple of reasons:

  • A fair amount of the stuff is truly rambling. It makes sense to me but some of it could be taken out of context (and in a very bad way!)
  • Seriously, why would anyone want to read the ramblings of a 22-year-old 16 years ago?

I'm backing it up on S3, though, and I may decide to push them to my site just in case some really wants to dig into my memory and see how I was thinking long ago.

I will say this: it's actually been educational (and somewhat entertaining) to hear myself express my thoughts so long ago. I cringe at some of the things I said, but I also saw the "seeds of doubt" creep in with respect to my religious beliefs. I also found it funny how negative I was at that time. It was also interesting to hear how I viewed my relationship with my former fiance. The first tape was started around the time I got engaged in college and I could already hear myself say things about that relationship that were not necessarily good. Nothing extrememly negative but in hindsight there were already little signs that it probably wasn't going to work out anyway.

Tape #2 is done around the start of my first semester in graduate school - should be interesting to hear what I said about that.

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