Flagged Links #9

"Reactive programming (II.) - Introducing Reactive LINQ" - Using LINQ to handle events...hmmm...

"IronPython and WPF Part 4: Background Processing"- He uses decorators in Python to do this - it's really slick.

"Honeycomb tire won’t go flat" - That's a funky-looking tire!

"Cat Riding a Roomba" - I'm a sucker for funny cat videos.

"A C# REPL (in Clojure)" - Kind of an interesting skunkworks-like idea.

"We Are Typists First, Programmers Second" - I'm not sure I agree with this, and frankly, I haven't seen any developers who didn't know how to type in a long, long time. I learned how to do it in high school and I can hit almost 80 WPM, but I am also waiting for that neural interface.

* Posted at 11.19.2008 07:43:18 PM CST | Link *

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