Flagged Links #42

"Charlie the Unicorn 3" - Oh, yes, a new Charlie video!

"Quite simply the most amazing golf hole on the planet" - It's definitely unique.

"CLR Optimizations In .NET Framework 3.5 SP1" - Very cool details on the CLR.

"Using the Profiling API Enter/Leave Function Hooks" - I really wish I knew more about the profiler API.

"Functional Programming and Collective Intelligence - III" - Getting even smarter with functional constructs.

"Featured in the Spaghetti Code Podcast" - Donn's an awesome guy - he's definitely big on mocking, testing, etc.

"Good Names" - I whole-heartedly agree with this. Having good names in code eliminates the need for comments in virtually every case.

"Abbie vs Charles Jackson" - There's a fair amount of material here and listening to the creationist is mind-numbing, but it illustrates once again what scientists are up against.

"IronPython and Digipede Network 2.2" - Getting the DLR in Digipede.

"Customizing Exception Handling in the VS Debugger" - Very nice way to get custom exceptions in the VS debugger.

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