What I've Been Worried About

OK, here's the scoop. Liz and I are pregnant.

Now, for the few who follow this blog ;), you know that we've had more than our share of difficulties with our pregnancies: they've all (3) ended in miscarriage. Well, this one was completely unexpected. We've been working towards adoption and we're actually ready to do the home study. However, we thought that we should start trying again for a lot of reasons that would take too long to go into, so, just trust me that we had good reasons. So, Liz calls her doctor to schedule some meetings to run some tests in case they can figure out what our problems have been, and she tells Liz to take a pregnancy test before they start. Well...the 2nd line popped up ;).

Believe me, I'm scared shitless. I know our history, and we're only 8 1/2 weeks into it. Frankly, until it's kicking and screaming in my arms, I'm trying to stay realistic. So far, the signs are good, but I know our history. For all I know, I may be blogging tomorrow that we lost it. Keep us in your thoughts.

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