Call For Speakers for TCCC6

I’ve decided to start accepting session ideas for the next Twin Cities Code Camp, which will be held on April 4th, 2009. I realize that this may seem really early, but last time we received a lot of session entries, and with our new location we will only have 5 rooms to use, so space will be limited from a scheduling standpoint (not from a size standpoint – the rooms will be much bigger than what we’ve had before). Therefore, I need to change the rules around a bit:

  • It’s no longer first-come-first-serve. I’ll take as many ideas as I get until the end of January. After that, I’ll select the sessions (hopefully we’ll have enough!). I realize with those who would have to travel that this may be too short of notice, so I’ll try to give those out-of-towners enough notice if their session is in.
  • You must give me a title, abstract and bio. No exceptions.

The Twin Cities Code Camp has been steadily growing in size since its inception in the Fall of 2006. With our new location at the University of Minnesota we’ll be able to increase the size of the community as well as have a greater chance of having students attend the event as well. Please keep these factors in mind when you submit your session idea(s).

If you have any question, please let me know. Also, please spread the word to other individuals that you think may be interested in speaking at this event. Everyone is welcome, so long as they want to talk about code!

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