Changes for the Future

As you can tell, I haven't blogged on my site in a long time. My last post was over 6 years ago. The primary reason that this went stale is this is all home-grown, and handling everything myself just became a burden. In fact, adding this post is quite the adventure - I have to resort to an insert statement to a database (and that sucks!). Times have changed in 6 years, and I'm going to revitalize this site...I'm just not sure how I'm going to do this. Do I update the site (which is in ASP.NET MVC targeting .NET Framework) and continue to host it on OrcsWeb...I mean, SherWeb? Do I look at going a completely different route, like using GitHub Pages and Statiq, which means I might lose content that was here (but does that really matter, or can I try to capture those blog posts)? Or consider hosting everything in the cloud through Azure? I'm not sure. I'm debating a ton of options in my head, trying to figure out what is the right one for me. At some point, though, I'll need to land on something, because I really want to get blogging back in my life again.

As a side note, trying to summazire all the changes that have happened in 6 years would take a long, long time. Here's a really quick summary:

  • I recently changed jobs - I currently work for Quicken Loans as a Developer Advocate.
  • I've been doing a fair amount of speaking at various conferences and user groups.
  • I've beefed up my YouTube channel with coding videos and some random nonsense from life.
  • I have some OSS stuff on GitHub.
  • My boys are now teenagers, and Liz and I celebrated our 22 year anniversary last September.

That's it in a nutshell. Time to really start digging into the possibilities and land on a solution!

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