The Forge of God
I finished this book last night. Overall I thought it was OK - the ending was disappointing until I found out there's a sequel (which I had to get before I forget what happens in the first book). Once I realized the story keeps going then the novel worked out well. The gist of the story is that an alien race has decided to eliminate Earth (literally) and the only hope to saving some of the human race is another alien race that is quietly "possessing" other humans to direct them to "arks" that will bring them to safety (via a terraformed Mars and Venus). Bear leaves some threads open and unanswered and while that may leave the reader uncomfortable I like that because it forces you to try and come up with answers on your own (although the whole Gaia analogy didn't sit well with me). It's a good read and I fell into the pattern of trying to read as much of it as I could before I went to sleep so that's a good sign that I really enjoyed the book.

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