Turn Me Off

Supposedly I've annoyed someone so much they've unsubscribed from reading my blog. That's excellent - I love that we as human beings have the freedom to consume whatever communication materials we want to. I made a comment to this post, though, and given Marc's response, I don't think he understood my comment. I'm not arrogant or cocky enough to think I know everything or that man's accumulated knowledge is complete. At the same time, religion requires you to limit the scope of your knowledge, which is why I reject religion outright. I also don't think I've ever stated that I don't believe in God (if someone finds a blog entry where I state that, by all means, let me know and I'll stand corrected).

But since Marc doesn't read my blog anymore, he won't enjoy my "rant(s) about how there is no god, or how fundamentalists are stupid, or how wonderful it is to be able to explain everything through the wonders of science." Oh, well - can't please them all!

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