Chaska Golfing

Yesterday I played at Chaska Town Course. It's a very nice course, but it's tough, and while I started +3 after 6 holes (which is really good for me), things fell apart after that. I lost consistency, but since I've hardly played this year I didn't get that frustrated. I also played from the green tees, so that it made it a bit harder. I had one nice hole on the back nine, though - #16. I drove the bunker and had a 75 yard shot to the green, which I stuck my sand wedge 10 feet from the hole. Unfortunately I missed the birdie putt, but it was nice to play a hole well all the way through, especially since things were so shaky before that. I didn't lose a lot of golf balls but I need to restock as I'm playing Saturday and Sunday. It's great exercise, it's a fun nature walk, and when you hit that perfect shot it makes me want to come back again.

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