XBox Tonight, And October Project

The in-laws are leaving today. They were a huge help getting a lot of odd projects completed in the house and I enjoyed their company, but now I get my XBox back!

I'm listening to October Project's CD "Falling Farther In" today. Awesome music - it's lighter rock, but I love the singer's voice and the music is excellent. I heard of them many years ago when I was in a CD store and they were playing their CD over the speakers. I was floored - I had to stop walking around and just stand there and listen. It's rare for a band to hit me that hard, but I was hooked instantly. It's sad that they only came out with a couple of CDs, but if you get a chance pick up "Falling" if you can. Great, great stuff.

* Posted at 02.25.2005 10:19:30 AM CST | Link *

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