Spackle.NET is Published
Lately I took a look at all the remnant projects I have. Lots of utility methods and classes that aren't full-fledged frameworks in their own right (unlike my DynamicProxies project) but I've found them to be very useful. Rather than having them separated in little projects (which has caused me to copy-and-paste code for other projects - ugh!) I put them all in one project that you can download, called Spackle.NET. I'm still deciding what should and should not be in there but I'm hoping to expand it a bit more. Again, there's really nothing earth-shattering in it, but hopefully you'll find some interesting nuggets within. I'll have some documentation both as XML comments and on the site, describing the functionality it contains. Enjoy!

* Posted at 11.16.2008 01:59:46 PM CST | Link *

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