Flagged Links #8

"Compiler Enforced Disposal?" - I've thought about doing this via a post-build process mixed with Cecil. It would be nice if the compiler was smart enough to do this for you in the cases where it could clearly handle it.

"An exploit requiring admin privilege is NOT an exploit" - Amen! If bad code requires that level of access and gets it, game over.

"Single Letter Variable Names Still Considered Harmful" - I'm all for verbose code...although I'll still use i and j for array iteration.

"C# Dynamic and Multiple Dispatch" - There is a big difference when you use dynamic in C# 4.0.

"IronPython and WPF Part 3: Data Binding" - I love this line: "Luckily for us, IronPython objects implement ICustomTypeDescriptor".

"50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography" - Making images of real-world items look like toys. Pretty cool.

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