My Grudge Against "The Grudge"

Liz and I decided to watch "The Grudge" this past Saturday. My initial reaction was, it was OK. Some of the visuals were cool in a disturbing, scary way, and the way the story was presented was different (albeit confusing at times). But the more I thought about the movie, the more I really started to hate it. Now, I know when you read a fantasy book or watch a horror movie laced with supernatural phenomena, I suspend my disbelief and just have fun with the story. The problem is that the ghosts in "The Grudge" did things that were so fracking inconsistent. On the one hand, they were able to walk through walls, knock out lights, yet...they had to call someone to find out where they lived? I know, the ghost knew where the sister lived, but why go through all the haunting crap if you just want to off them? At least with fantasy books magic is...well, magic, but there's always some kind of physical parameters to constrain the magic. But with ghosts, they always seem all-powerful yet they never take the direct path to dismemberment, and, frankly, it annoys me. These ghosts seemed to be limited to just the house, but then it was anybody who entered the house, then it was anybody related to people who went into the house. Stupid. Oh, and the acting from some of the main characters sucked rocks. Sarah Michelle, was she awful at times. At least I didn't fork over the money to see it in a theater (then, again, I wish those in the movie industry would wise up and start releasing movies so people can watch new movies from their home the day it was released. Oh, that would cause theaters to close down? Sorry, but business evolves, and personally I think theaters have had their time. At the very least, their days are numbered, and having James Cameron release 3D movies that can only be seen in special theaters ain't going to make me run a buy a ticket that would require me to add another mortgage to the house. But I digress...)

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