Breathing Too Much CO2

Yesterday I found two links on ingesting iridium and liquid nitrogen. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) told me his own tale of accidental ingestion:

I did have a run-in with dry ice once. We had a dry ice chest in the loading dock that the carbonic company would fill once a week, sort of like an ice cream freezer. One day I had to lean into the chest to grab the last few chunks of dry ice out of the bottom and I accidentally breathed in a lungful of CO2. It felt like I had been kicked in the chest by a horse. I tried to cough to get the heavier CO2 "bad air" out and the good N2/O2 "good air" in, but my diaphram muscles weren't working. I was laying on the floor alone in the loading dock. I guess I managed to take enough little breaths to eventually replace the C02 with N2/O2.


* Posted at 08.24.2004 03:43:28 PM CST | Link *

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