Flagged Links #41

"Genetic Evolution of Machine Language Software" - Very cool paper on evolution in software.

"Learning from Mistakes: A Comprehensive Study on Real World Concurrency Bug Characteristics" - Lots of information on the bugs real-world programs have with respect to concurrency.

"Galaxy Zoo" - Kind of like the old "Hot Or Not" site, except this is for galaxies.

"More Darwin v Creationists." - I had a run-in with someone recently who used the claim that "Darwin was a racist, how can you believe in evolution since this is true, blah, blah, blah...". Seems like that's not as true as he'd like it to be.

"ExceLINQ – Not Your Typical LINQ Provider" - Excel + LINQ = a combination I never thought of.

"So, you wanna be a skeptic?" - Then read this link!

"Shuttle Atlantis almost lost in 1988" - Wow, I had no idea how close we were to losing another shuttle.

"How easy is it to fool UFO believers? Easy, if you have a flare for it" - Simple, easy, and effective.

"Book Plug: Essential LINQ" - I've heard good things about this book, I may get it for the Kindle as an experiment for reading tech books on that device.

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 15" - Failcity.

"Halo 3 Mythbusters: Episode 10" - I like the part with them being in the bunkers.

"Functional Programming and Collective Intelligence", Parts 1 and 2. Very interesting application of functional programming.

"My Chipotle Dreams are Fulfilled!" - I think I saw a tear trickle down his face as we walked through the doors.

"Code Coverage - 100% Coverage and Still Failing" - Code coverage is a great metric, but it's just that: a metric.

"JavaScript: Avoid the Evil eval" - Generally, avoid it if you can (and you probably can).

"Parsing JSON with Newspeak" - I won't claim to fully understand this (yet), but something about it seems cool.

"A rant on automatic parallelism" - Concurrency is still not easy, but we gotta try.

"Vid Of The Day: Bubble Rings" - Dolphins playing with bubbles underwater - they end up looking like rings. Very cool.

"Obfuscation, serialization and automatically implemented properties" - A corner case, but one to keep aware of.

"Mark Protosevich and Francis Lawrence Teaming For World Without Us" - This sounds like a huge challenge to pull off as the book doesn't have any humans in it. Seems like they'd add in "filler" but I would rather see a movie try to pull off the book as-is.

"Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars" - I haven't even touched my "Halo Wars" disc yet.

"No Scope? Nope! [23]" - These are some amazing sniper shots in "Halo3". I am like the writer of this article: I have very little sniper skillz. The best I can do with it is try and beat someone over the head with it (although I occasionally get lucky with it).

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