New School For Hayden

This past week we tried Hayden out in a new pre-school. The one that he was going at...just wasn't working out. There were a couple of reasons, but I think the main one was that there were just too many kids around for him. He likes quieter settings and he likes being able to do what he wants to do. For those and other reasons, we decided to look for another pre-school. So far, it seems like it's really working out. The class size is half the number of kids and it seems like it fits his behavioral style. Yesterday they did a bunch of art projects and when he came home he wanted to draw, draw, draw and hang the pictures up all over the house. He's also interacting with the kids a lot more, which he wasn't doing at the other school.

This was a bit of a struggle for Liz and to figure out what to do. Part of us thought, well, the world doesn't succumb to your likes and dislikes, and you're not going to always be able to have the perfect environment. In other words, he's going to have to go to schools with large class sizes and interact with kids that are jerks and don't treat him well. We all have to deal with uncomfortable situations. On the other hand...why should we force our child to be in an environment that he doesn't feel successful in? One of my main goals in life is to be happy, and that means being with people that I really like to hang around with and having a job that I truly enjoy. I try to minimize being in situations that are detremential to my goals. So why should I think that my kids should just tolerate things when there may be better options?

At the end of the day, Hayden seems to be doing much better. I only hope that's a continuing trend over the next couple of months.

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