From Fuzziness to Clarity in 6 Weeks...I Hope

I lost one of my contacts Friday night. This isn't a big deal as I have a pair of glasses that I can wear, but this has finally pushed me over the edge to get the laser surgery for my eyes. I just set the date this morning, which is May 23rd. I don't like wearing glasses, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. My eyesight is terrible (in fact my doctor told me last year that I'm legally blind) and while I like contacts, they have the annoying problem of being extremely uncomfortable when anything gets in my eye (an eyelash, dust, you name it). I'm hoping that I can finally live a corrective-lens-free life soon. Most of the people that I know that had it done love it, although I do know it's not full-proof. I just hope I can get 20/20 or better with it. When I wear my contacts, I can see everything clearly, and I know that some people who have the surgery still need to wear glasses to read. If you've had the surgery done, feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know what your experiences have been.

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