Flagged Links #1

I've never done a link-blog post, but I've found myself flagging a number of items in FeedDemon, so...here's a list of some cool things I've found:

"LINQ Farm: Covariance and Contravariance in C# 4.0" - A good summary of what covariance and contravariance is and what it looks like in C# 4.0 using delegates.

"Generic Variance in C# 4.0" - Another good article on variance, this time using it in interfaces as well as delegates.

"Extending Reflector: Menus, ContextMenus and Toolbars" - I've written a couple of add-ins for Reflector and this article does a great job showing you how you can extend its UI.

"Longing for higher-kinded C#" - This one is pretty advanced - I'm still trying to get my head around it a bit. Basically it's about type systems and the CLR and C# and how some Haskell-like concepts could make things so beautiful...I think...

"Google Charts API" - Sweet - I'll need to take a look at this to produce 2 meaningless graphs on my web site (maybe) and then I'll probably never use it again (or I might all the time).

"Boy Scout Check-ins" - Moral of the story: always leave the code in a better state when you check it in.

"Tweaking my color settings" - I use VibrantInk, and this was the one style I hated - this shows you where to fix it.

"Haskell for C# Programmers Part 2: Understanding IO" - I think I now understand pure and impure functions better. By the way, the next article is on monads.

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