New FileGenerator for Reflector -

I've updated my FileGenerator component - you can get the latest binaries here. Basically I got a bug report where they were getting some assembly resolving issues so I put more defensive code in there.

By the way, I'm going to stress this again: if you get the error report in Reflector, please type in a valid e-mail address and useful commentary as to why it happened. The information I get from Reflector when it detects that something bad happened in my add-in is somewhat helpful, but if I need more information and I don't get a valid e-mail address from the user, I'm pretty much screwed.

I'm also wondering if there's a way I could have my add-in do an auto-update rather than requiring the user to download a new version.

* Posted at 08.17.2005 09:40:43 AM CST | Link *

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