Flagged Links #2

"New Features in C# 4.0 Paper, plus Feedback and Samples" - If you're looking for some code samples and walkthroughs on the new C# features, look no further.

"A good design for multiple implementation inheritance" - Multiple inheritance is still not in the CLR (and frankly I doubt it ever will be). His idea is to define something called a "behavior" - go to the link for more details.

"Silverlight and WriteableBitmap" - Ian shows you how you can "generate bitmaps from pixels in code at runtime."

"DynamicObject" - This has to do with the new dynamic keyword in C# 4.0 - details are sparce, but this sounds interesting.

"Static Compilation in Mono" - Mono on an iPhone (with no jailbreaking)? And maybe even the XBox360?! Sweet!

"LinFu.DynamicProxy 1.01 is now a part of NHibernate!" - I wonder how hard it would be to try and run these tests against my DynamicProxies framework. I may do that if I have time..some day...eventually...

"I WPF, Therefore I Blend" - A plea for WPF developers to embrace Blend. Sean's doing some amazing stuff with WPF, check out his blog.

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