"To Hold Infinity"
I finished this book a couple of days ago. I believe this book is part of the Nulapeiron trilogy in that it's the same universe, but it was written before Meaney started on his trilogy. There's Pilots and grazers and mu-space and all the things I enjoyed from the trilogy. Meaney is a strong writer and I definitely like his style. I was a bit confused because I thought Fulgor was the world that has the Blight that is mentioned in the trilogy and the way this book was going I thought it was going to link Rafael as being the beginning of that evil presence. But...not to ruin the book, but that's not what happened. Maybe I missed something here or there in Meaney's writings, which is quite possible. His universe is very rich and complex so I may be confusing timelines or events. You don't need to read this book to appreciate the Nulapeiron trilogy but it's interesting to see what happened a thousand years before the events in those three books.

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