Neil Peart Needs an RSS Feed

I like that Neil has a web site, and he's adding "news" content on a sort-of semi-montly basis, but the person who's running the site should get a severe horse-whipping. Opening new windows for links from the same site sucks. Anyway, check out Neil's latest news entry, where he talks about Rush's latest recording endeavours, and his "moonlighting" gig with Vertical Horizon (you know, the band that wrote that pop song, "Everything You Want"). Also, check out a picture of Neil's latest set:

I love that wood finish - what an awesome look. Here's to hoping Rush comes out with some late 2006 or early 2007 - it's been 5 years since "Vapor Trails" came out and I'd love to hear what they cooking up.

* Posted at 07.04.2006 07:50:28 AM CST | Link *

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