"The Departed"
I watched this movie Saturday night. Overall I enjoyed it. I'm not sure it deserved Best Picture but it's done very well and I liked the storytelling throughout. Basically, Matt Damon plays a guy who works as a cop but is basically a rat for Jack's crime gang. Leonardo goes the other way: he's a cop who's working undercover in Jack's gang. Both eventually find out about each other's existence but don't know each other's identities, and they're trying to find out who the other is. What sold me on the movie is the way Scorsese gets the plot across. There's something about the way he films his movies that is unique: the way he bounces around in the timeline without letting you explicitly know, the way he uses very brief scenes (usually violent) to add more to the story...it's a little jarring but effective. I personally love "Casino" and "Good Fellas" and "The Departed" is easily a movie I'd recommend to watch.

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