Flagged Links #12

"I Am *So* Ashamed of This Silverlight Hack" - I love this line in the post: "Web programmers seem to be thrilled with Silverlight, which I suppose indicates mostly how low the bar is set in Web programming."

"Raytracing 4D fractals, visualizing the four dimensional properties of the Julia set" - I remember running into fractals when I was in college 20 years ago (wow, it's been that long?!) and they're still beautiful to me.

"Pseudo Custom Attributes" - I mention these in my book - this is a nice list.

"How to modify an application behavior when you don't have the source" - Detours is such a powerful framework.

"Verifying collections/arrays in MS Unit Testing" - I had no idea CollectionAssert existed before I read this post - sweet!

"Lego Safe" - Sure, you could just melt the blocks - that doesn't take away from the cool factor of making a safe out of Legos.

"Structure and Randomness: pages from year one of mathematical blog" - I make no claims that I can follow most of what Tao blogs about, but occasionally I can stumble along.

"Tales from the Interview: The Mandatory Three, The Easy Road to Success, and Relevant Inexperience" - Great stories of bad interviews.

"Code Contracts - TDD in a DbC World" - Really good discussion on DBC and TDD.

"The myth of integration tests" - I'm sure some will disagree with this post, but I like it. Too much time is wasted on ivory-tower-based conversations on testing. I'm all for testing, but I'm also pragmatic about it - i.e. don't get so hung up on zealous definitions. 

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