Squeezing Out More Code Coverage During Tests

Recently I've been looking over some code coverage numbers in a project of mine. I noticed that one method wasn't fully covered:

public void MyMethod()

VS 2008 was showing that the call to MyMethod() didn't have 100% coverage. The problem was that it was being called, so I didn't understand why it didn't have 100% coverage. The issue that the one time it was being called during a test MyPrivateMethod() was throwing an (expected) exception. What I needed to do is write a test such that it didn't throw an exception, and then I got the 100% magic number.

My point is that even though you think you're calling a method, there may be a reason why VS is telling you that you don't have everything covered.

* Posted at 01.11.2008 10:37:27 AM CST | Link *

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