A Headhunter Tells My Wife That I'm Unprofessional. What an Asshole!

My wife's at home today sick (yep, still pregnant AFAWK). She gets a call from a headhunter (I'd love to post the name of the company and his name and his phone number plus extension, but I'll be "professional" and not do it) asking for my name. Now, Liz can smell a headhunter a mile away, so she says, "No, he's not here, can I get your name and number?" He gives it to her, and then informs her that this is the second time he's called and that it's very unprofessional that I didn't call him to tell him I'm not interested.

OK, here are the facts. If I responded to every employment inquiry that I receive, I wouldn't have time to shovel the cat shit from the litter box. Basically, I like my job, and I'm not looking for another one, and I don't want my house to smell of feline fecal matter, so, I don't respond to every call I get. It ain't gonna happen. And if you don't have the balls enough to tell me what you think of my behavior and you want to leave that as a task for my wife, well, guess what, numbnuts, you've got one pissed-off person who will give you an ear-full.

I don't know what he said after I called him back and bitched him out - I had no desire to listen to his response.

* Posted at 08.24.2004 04:38:46 PM CST | Link *

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