Flagged Links #43

"Continuations in Mono: Embrace and Extending.NET, Part 3" - This. Is. Huge. I saw the talk at Lang.NET that Miguel is referring to and it was truly amazing. Great to see this show up in Mono.

"I'm Sick of This Shit" - Metaprogramming is truly a sharp 2-edged sword.

"Table Layouts vs. Div Layouts: From Hell to… Hell?" - I'm all for CSS and DIVs, but sometimes it can get to be a religious viewpoint.

"Sorting Algorithm Animations" - Nice animations of the classic sorting algorithms.

"Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face" - Sounds like a great game to me!

"What I learned at Java Posse Roundup '09" - Doesn't matter if you code in Java or not - this contains some good observations.

"Support Through Friendship & Unity" - This is a wonderful group that you should all be a part of.

"Functional Programming and Collective Intelligence - IV" - The series continues.

"The Tale of WCF, MessageContract, and JSON" - And what an interesting tale it is.

"A Very Cool WCF Tool: WCFTestClient.exe" - A little gem that I don't use a lot but it's good to remember that it's there.

"Double Your Dispatch, Double Your Fun" - Using a gum reference to delve into dispatch.

"Must Watch: Phenomenal Trailer for Duncan Jones' Moon!" - Looks like a great sci-fi movie.

"Profiler Part II: Poor Man’s Code Coverage" - Profiling IronPython code.

"Simple synchronization with Iterators in C#" - Interesting idea, although having it in the CLR would be better.

"Introducing Hiro, the World's Fastest IOC Container, Part I: Design Diary" - Making a container highly performant.

"Have you played Arimaa?" - This sounds like an interesting game to try out.

"Asynchronous Delegate and Callback" - Be careful with exceptions in threads.

"Matrix Revisited" - Wow, "The Matrix" is 10 years old?

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