Canadians, Stop Taking our Jobs!

(BTW you have to say that title with the redneck voice that's used in the South Park episodes: "They took our juuuuuuuubs!". And note that the video I linked to in the previous sentence is probably NSFW :) )

Anyway, I read this post from D'Arcy and I had to hang my head in shame. He didn't get paid for this, he spent money over the weekend in the good ol' US of A, and then he gets treated like that. It sucks because D'Arcy is a great speaker and a funny guy and having him at the Twin Cities Code Camp over the years makes it that much better. Hearing that he's going to have to hold off on coming across the border for a while is just plain stupid. What, is Rush going to be prevented from touring in the future because they're taking away opportunities from American bands?

D'Arcy, whenever we as a country gets our act back together, you and your awesomely spikey hair can come back to the TCCC whenever you want.

* Posted at 04.08.2009 08:36:40 AM CST | Link *

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