Getting Old

After the Code Camp on Saturday, we went over to our neighbor's house for a Halloween party. They do a great job with the decorations and it's interesting to see what they do with their place every year. However, I realized that I'm just not up for party events like that anymore. After about a 1/2 hour Liz and I were so ready to go back home and sleep! I don't mind having a drink now and then, but there's no appeal to me getting drunk anymore. I already had a couple of beers at the after-hours Code Camp party and I really wasn't in the mood to drink anymore. Plus I can't see having a hangover and trying to take care of two kids either.

However, I do plan on ramping up the XBox time over the next month or I'm not that old.

* Posted at 10.29.2007 08:26:43 AM CST | Link *

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