CruiseControl and VS 2005 Tools

My latest client (which should be wrapping up shortly) is more about mentoring than it is about coding, so I haven't done a lot of cool techie things lately. However, my latest side task is to get CruiseControl.NET to build a solution and its project without using NAnt, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, etc. Since the Team Editions of VS 2005 come with all of this stuff, it's just been a matter of tweaking the project files (as they're just MSBuild files) to do what we want them to. We can get code analysis to work and get reports on (this is just FxCop anyway). We can use the <Exec> task to fire MSTest. My last piece of the puzzle is to get coverage numbers to show up on the build server. This article seems promising, but I'm going to have to figure out how to integrate this into a custom Task class that we can plop into other projects with little pain. Hmmmm...this article mentions a custom MSBuild task for MSTest that includes a "very easy way to get rid of extraneous test runs no matter where they were in your source tree." I can't stand all of those result runs that litter the directory hierarchy.

* Posted at 07.18.2006 06:46:17 AM CST | Link *

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