Flagged Links #6

"Unreality's 'The Eight Coolest Uses of Halo's Forge'" - I love it when people use tools like this in games and do amazingly creative things.

"10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken" - Some haunting pictures of and taken from individuals right before their deaths. Sounds creepy, but the tsunami one left me speechless.

"An early Christmas present!" - Wow, Bill Donohue is one angry nutball.

"Dance Fail" - Wait until the end of the vid, it's worth it.

"Three planets directly observed orbiting distant star" - Un...be...lievable. I never thought I'd see pictures where planets from other star systems would be seen. Sure, they're just little dots, but still, to know that other stars have other planets...very cool.

"The emotional impact of my atheism" - A beautiful article on the appreciation of the life we have.

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