Just When You Think You Couldn't Find a Crazier URL...

Myers gets one that tops anything I've seen. Now, I should stress that I haven't visited (nor will I ever visit) the site he mentions. But the URL in itself should be a major warning sign to all those who dare enter. There's always someone in the world who's always willing to take it to another level, I guess. [1]

[1] Liz and I were on a long driving treck yesterday, and on the way there she read excerpts from Stewart's "America" book. I believe in Chapter 3 they use the phrase, "man-on-pumpkin love" - I'm sure someone out there has already registered a similarly-worded URL but I'm not going to try and find out at work!

* Posted at 01.17.2005 12:32:12 PM CST | Link *

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