Music Stores Are Dangerous

If you're a musician (like me), going to a music store is really dangerous. Before you know it, you have a new drum set, some guitars, and a bunch of cables in your car. This weekend, I went to a local Guitar Center...just to "look around". Unfortunately, I ended up buying some stuff:

Can't tell what the new additions are? Here's a closer shot:

I got a new set of double-bass pedals and a hi-hat stand from DW Drums. The purchasing actually started with the hi-hat stand:

I've always found traditional hi-hat stands annoying with a set of double-bass pedals, because I end up draping one of the legs over the left bass pedal to keep the hi-hat close, but when I did any double-bass work, my left foot kept hitting the hi-hat leg. This new hi-hat only has two legs, so I no longer have the issue with the third leg. I've also wanted to update my double-bass pedals (especially after I played Mike's DW double-bass pedals), and I have this weird color-coordination OCD thing sometimes, so I decided to get a matching set of 5000 series pedals.

I haven't had any time to test them out, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they really feel.

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