The Maxwells

Yesterday I saw my nephew Erik play in his band, "The Maxwells", at...well, I don't know if it was some kind of festival that hardly anyone showed up for, or what, because hardly anyone was there. But it was cool because they got to play on a stage with lighting and a good PA, so it was sort of like watching a band practicing in their basement except with a lot of cool equipment. Here's a couple of pictures from their show:

It felt good to watch him because he started playing guitar by borrowing one of my old guitars and a small practice amp. He ended up liking it so much he got all of his own stuff. Another nephew of mine tried the guitar before Erik but he found out he didn't like it, so he gave it to Erik. That's cool because the parents in both cases didn't have to buy anything to find out if their sons liked the guitar or not. Only until Erik found out he enjoyed it did his parents have to start "supporting his habit", so to speak :).

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