What Does the Strict Keyword in IL Mean?

I was working on some IL code generation, and I stumbled across this in ILDasm:

.method public newslot strict virtual instance void 
        MethodFour<T,U,V>(!!T a,
                          !!U b,
                          !!V c) cil managed

I've never seen strict before, and I can't find a defintion of it anyway, not in the Partition docs, not in the SDK...I'm stumped. Internet searches haven't been helpful - the only thing I could find was this. What I'm really looking for is a way in the Reflection API to determine if a method is "strict" (whatever that means). I wish I had comments on, but if you know, please let me know - thanks!

* Posted at 12.02.2006 06:24:22 PM CST | Link *

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