Flagged Links #46

"CouchDB: Perform like a pr0n star" - A potentially (and probably) NSFW technical presentation. Clever - I could never get away with doing this myself. I mean, seriously, what could I do: "Emit Code...If You Know What I Mean, Baby!"

"Unlambda .NET – With a Big Dose of C# 3.0 Lambdas" - This guy's job seems to be "I get to do really cool techie stuff all day".

"Neocarbon" - Ugh, Bachmann strikes again with "the stupid, it burns".

"The Australian antivax movement takes its toll" - Please get your kids vaccinated. We don't need to see more stories like this (and please read this too).

"Test Code Is Just Code" - All code is the same. Treat test code with the same guidelines and standards that you would with the code under test.

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 17" - Failathon.

"Dynamic base classes in C# 4" - Interesting take on dynamic in C#.

"Idiomatic F# – Functional vs. Imperative" - A quick comparison of coding techniques.

"CLR 4.0 ThreadPool Improvements: Part 1" - More concurrency goodness.

"Attributes Can’t Be Generic" - Been this way since C# 2.0, although it (supposedly) can be done in IL.

"Stubs: Comparison with other mocking frameworks" - Interesting, it never dawned on me that Pex has a mocking framework: Stubs.

"The Synergy of Code Contracts and Pex" - A nice little video showing how Code Contracts and Pex work together in blissful harmony.

"Sean Carroll at the Bell Museum" - I'd love to see him speak, but alas, I'm watching the kids that weekend (Liz is having a getaway with some friends). If you go, please blog it!

"Punctuation is Sexy, Too" - Comma Sutra - yet another t-shirt I'd love to get.

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