Hayden's Sick

12 days before Liz is having her c-section, Hayden decides to get all vomity on us last night. We've been up pretty much the entire night with him, although we've been able to get some sleep in here and there. I think I got 1, maybe 2 hours in. He's stopped puking but I think it's because he's emptied his stomach. He's napping now - we'll try to give him fluids when he wakes up. Since I'm so short on vacation (need to use what I have left for Ryan's delivery) I decided to go into work early. Liz has a doctor's appointment this morning that a neighbor was going to bring her to and watch Hayden while they check on her, so she'll cancel that and hopefully the neighbor will give Liz some time to rest. Without that neighbor so willing to help us, we'd be sunk.

The last time Hayden got sick, it was not a fun adventure, so I'm planning for this time to be just as bad (although I hope it's not). If I had a stress meter, I think I'd be getting near the top right now...

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