Plans for the Weekend

The first thing I did this morning was improve my Ring time in PRG2 to 6:04.401. This is currently 107 on the leaderboard, but the most important thing is that I moved ahead of BSmooth (his time is 6:04.516). My lead over him probably won't last long as I know he'll try to beat it, but I also know that my latest run wasn't my best. There were a couple of sections where I rode the grass or where I didn't hit the turn with the right line and that takes away precious milliseconds.

I have to run to Magenic's office today as I left my power cord for my laptop at my desk. I have a lot of stuff I want to get done this weekend on my computer, and the battery just won't last long enough. I have a presentation coming up mid-August on agile development in .NET, and I want to get my new web site launched before I go on vacation next week. I'll work out after that, and then dive into the code. Hopefully all will be well by Sunday night to have the new site ready for display.

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